Data analysis and visualization

EU-ToxRisk project on Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment

Reliable analysis and consumption of data should be based on a foundation of sound data preparation, well-prepared metadata, data processing protocols, and reliable exposure of data through interfaces to end-user applications for data analysis, risk, and safety assessment. (Overall workflow we have followed on the EU-ToxRisk project on Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment shown in Figure.)

Video Overview:

We provide an example here on Zebrafish DART Assay data from the EU-ToxRisk project that is also the topic of the SaferWorldbyDesign webinar on 1 March. DART (University of Heidelberg) Analysis of Zebrafish DART Assay Data

Another example we have prepared demonstrates how data from in vitro acute toxicity assays on cells from the EC JRC lab can be visualized and analyzed: Cytotoxicity assay (JRC)

These examples are supported by access to data provided by the EdelweissData service.

About Edelweiss Connect

Edelweiss Connect has developed computer software that helps combine data from many different sources and formats into a useable form for evaluation and re-use. In addition, we have developed other software programs that can use the collected data and data from in vitro tests to predict the safety of chemical compounds in the human body.


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