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eNanoMapper has successfully achieved its goals

Started in February 2014 under the coordination of Douglas Connect, eNanoMapper developed a computational framework for nanomaterials toxicological data, which is based on open standards, open source, common languages, and an interoperable design, enabling a more effective and integrated approach in risk assessment. eNanoMapper has supported the collaborative safety assessment for nanomaterials by creating a modular, extensible infrastructure for transparent data sharing, data analysis, and the creation of computational toxicology models.



The main achievements of eNanoMapper towards improved standards in risk assessment of nanomaterials and with an impact on the nanosafety community are represented by an agreed language formalized in a nano ontology (Hastings et al., 2015), an open platform for integrating different nanomaterials data sources providing access to open and confidential data (Jeliazkova et al., 2015) and the computational infrastructure, analysis and modelling tools for predicting toxicity of nanomaterials (Tsiliki et al., 2015). Several NanoSafety Cluster (NSC) projects have shown strong interest in the eNanoMapper data management and integration solutions, manifested by the NANoREG decision to transfer all data to an eNanoMapper database instance, and subsequent decisions of the new H2020 projects caLIBRAte, NanoReg2, ACEnano and OpenRiskNet to adopt the same solution. The eNanoMapper approach supports the integration of non-testing methods into risk assessment (Helma et al., 2017), and facilitates a harmonised use of existing data and knowledge, enabling a significant reduction of animals used for nanomaterials toxicity testing (Grafström et al., 2015). The project also provides a rich library of information and documentation (tutorials, webinars, reports and publications) to support and guide the users.



A review meeting was organised in Malaga (Spain) on 6 February. The meeting has been attended by representatives of all eNanoMapper partners, together with Nicolas Segebarth (EC Project Officer), Cedric Notredame (Expert Reviewer) and Abdelqader Sumrein (ECHA). The major technical achievements addressing the needs of the customers, community outreach and dissemination activities were presented and discussed during the day. Besides the technical progress, an emphasis was put on the exploitation strategy, and the effort needed in order to make the potential end-users aware of eNanoMapper services. Important is to get endorsement from highly influential scientists and institutions and to obtain further support for the development, maintenance and use of these applications. The interactions with NSC projects but also the collaborations established outside the NSC were presented and the strategy to continue outreaching the community was discussed.



The second day of the meeting, was dedicated to a Hackathon on data collection templates. The main goal of this half-day event was to make participants familiar with the eNanoMapper solutions for data management and data access, and demonstrate how the search interface available at https://search.data.enanomapper.net/ integrates various data sets and how to use the application programming interface (API) to access data. The materials used for this hackathon are publicly available at https://www.enanomapper.net/events/enm-hackathon-2017

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